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2017 USA Triathlon National Championships

Back in Omaha for the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships. This triathlon season has been anything but smooth. If you missed what’s happened so far, take a look back at my GR Triathlon and Tri del Sol races. Then, take a look at my post on being consistent. If you want the shortened version, I was 5 and 7 minutes slower than I was last year at those races. Part of the reason I think I've been slower is that I’ve been traveling a lot working with a sports nutrition company and been unable to get any solid training or resting in. The other part? Keep reading and you’ll find out 😉

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The Aftermath of the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship

The finish: Across the line, into the med tent, and providing a "sample"

Immediately upon finishing, I grabbed the nearest volunteer and told them I needed help. Like I said, I gave everything I had and couldn't even hold myself upright. I knew I had crossed the finish line in first place, but it didn't really sink in that I won my age group for a little bit. Let me explain.

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2015 USAT Olympic Distance Age Group National Championship

Every year USA Triathlon puts on a national championship for the top amateur triathletes in the nation. I decided to do this race in part because of some peer-pressure from my friends Todd and Sam Kennedy (thanks guys). Since I had already done the collegiate national championship, I wasn’t sure why I should do this race too. However I am very thankful that I ended up doing this race because it was an even better atmosphere and experience than collegiates.