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Tri del Sol...more like Tri del SLOW!

I don't even want to recap this...I was just slow. I'm going to keep this one short and sweet and follow up with a longer post musing on some reasons why I have been so much slower at my races this year. You can read that here!

Compared to last year at the same race I was:

  • 2.5 minutes slower on the swim (it was about 100y longer so that might account for 1:30 at most so still one minute slower, but not as bad as I originally thought!)
  • 2.5 minutes slower on the bike
  • 1:50 slower on the run

I finished 2nd overall in a time of 1:57:23. Almost 8 minutes slower than last year...Even if I had been faster today, my friend Brian Reynolds still would've crushed me. Great race, Brian!

Because I'm a numbers nerd, here are some interesting data comparing the race this year and last. Not sure if it means anything, but it's interesting.

This year: 
Swim- Average stroke rate 34/min. Average SWOLF 37. Total strokes 780. 
Bike- Average HR 160bpm (173bpm peak). Average cadence 92rpm.
Run- Average HR 175bpm (195bpm peak). Not sure how accurate that is, though. Looks like it was closer to 170bpm with some spikes. Average cadence of 193spm and stride length of 1.44m. Vertical oscillation of 7.7cm. GCT balance 50.6% LL, 49.4% RL

Last year: 
Swim- Average stroke rate 36/min. Average SWOLF 36. Total strokes 731. 
Bike- Average HR 162bpm (171bpm peak). Average cadence 89rpm.
Run- Average HR 168bpm (177bpm peak). Average cadence of 200spm and stride length of 1.46m. Vertical oscillation of 7.1cm. GCT balance 49.8% LL, 50.2% RL

Like I said, short and sweet.

One of the good things about the race was that I got to pass out fliers for my dissertation study. Go here if you're a triathlete! -->