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Todd's Triathlon Study

Hello, triathletes!

My name is Todd Buckingham and I am a PhD candidate in Kinesiology at Michigan State University and a fellow triathlete! I am conducting a research study that looks to assess data measured by your multisport watch, specifically during the 2017 USAT Olympic-Distance Age Group National Championship and other Olympic-distance triathlons.

If you wear a triathlon watch during the national championship or another Olympic-distance race, you may qualify for my study about predicting triathlon performance! From this study, we hope to learn how certain factors influence your performance in each discipline and overall in an Olympic-distance triathlon. These factors are measured by your triathlon watch and include SWOLF, cycling cadence, and running stride length.

What you will do:

  • Swim, bike, and run in the 2017 USAT Olympic-Distance Age-Group National Championship or another Olympic-distance triathlon during the 2017 triathlon season
  •  Wear a multisport (triathlon) watch during the race
    • “Lap” each discipline within the race so researchers can see the variables measured by the watch in each discipline (this is the first important part!)
  • Get your finisher medal!
    • Upload your race to the Garmin Connect online platform
  • Take a short survey on your triathlon history and copy + paste the link to your national championship (or other Olympic-distance triathlon) race from Garmin Connect through the survey (the second important part!)
    • This will allow researchers to analyze the factors that influence your triathlon performance in each discipline and the overall race
    • The link to the survey is:
      • You will need to provide the researchers with your bib number so we are able to obtain your times for each discipline as well as the overall triathlon (and the third important part!)

There is a slight risk relating to data protection, however, every action will be taken to ensure all information collected is protected and kept confidential.

You will obtain information that will hopefully lead to an improvement in your triathlon performance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Thank you,