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The USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship: The No Fluff Edition

To read the fluff DURING the race, click here.
To read the fluff AFTER the race, click here.

No fluff. Just stuff.

  • A week before the race, I crashed my bike, ended up in the ER, and didn't know if I would be able to walk/run in a week let alone race
  • Even the day before the race, my foot was still pretty sore. Regardless, I was going to race and give it everything I had
  • This race was just for amateur triathletes. No pros allowed! (If they were, they would've kicked my butt!)
  • I swam, biked, and ran really fast. Like faster than anybody else who competed in the national championship (by just 3 seconds, though!)
  • This means I am the overall USA Triathlon Age Group National Champion!
  • This does not mean I am going to the Olympics
  • After the race, I spent 2+ hours in the anti-doping tent trying to give them a "sample" to make sure I was clean
  • I finally got my post-race cinnamon roll(s) the day after the race!
  • Yes, I did eat all 6 in one day :D
  • I couldn't have done this without my dad, first and foremost. He drove all the way out to Omaha, was my Bagman (not Batman!), and is the real MVP! Mom for giving me that extra 1 degree (OJ!), Tyler for taking my call after the race while he was at a premiere (he's Spiderman, no big really. He is. Check him out here), cousin Britt for making the 2 hour drive then sitting around for 2 more hours to watch me exercise competitively and waiting another 2 hours while I tried to pee in a cup (tee hee), travel buddy and racing partner Elaine who rocked the double (Olympic and sprint distance races back-to-back days!), fellow competitor Chris Douglas (the guy I BARELY beat) for pushing me to my limit (he also rocked the double and won the sprint!), Team MojoFIT (a bunch of people were asking me about the sweet singlet I was wearing and who this crazy company was!), James Fry for being one of the first to congratulate me (not surprising since he is the media guru for Team Todd!), Nick and Becca Van Liere at Rise Grand Rapids (they're expecting their first child, a baby girl, any day now! You guys are the ones who really deserve all the congratulations!), my neighbors the Brejcha's for taking me...scratch that...MAKING me go to the ER after I crawled to their house, pounded on their door and bled all over their porch (sorry about that guys!), Mary Beth Beamer for the massage after my crash, Dr. Jeff Mossel for getting my foot ready to race, and last but certainly not least, Coach Barb for having faith and confidence in me and getting me ready to have my best race possible.
  • Finally, I can't believe the outpouring of support from you all! It is seriously overwhelming and humbling and I don't even have the words to begin to describe how appreciative I am so I will just say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
  • Complete official results here
  • My results and splits here
  • Next up for me is the world championship in Cozumel on September 17th!