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Out West Adventures

Well, the summer has just started and I've already had some pretty amazing adventures.

June 24-June 30: Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons

Dad and I broke in his new-to-us RV and took a road trip out west for almost a week (June 24-June 30). We had stops in Madison, WI; Badlands National Park; Rapid City, SD (Mt. Rushmore); West Yellowstone, MT; Yellowstone National Park, WY; Grand Teton National Park, WY; Fort Collins, CO; and finally, Denver, CO. Instead of telling you all the amazing things we got to do and see, you can take a look for yourself :)

July 2-July 6: Boulder, CO

After a stop in Denver, CO for the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, I made the trip to Boulder, CO to hang with some Every Man Jack triathlon teammates, Yoni, Ernie, and Brandt. I did an impromptu sprint triathlon (which is not recommended for Michiganders to do on a whim at some serious elevation!), climbed a mountain on my bike, went house hunting (thanks Yoni and Martha!), and hiked to the top of one of the flat irons in Boulder. Take a look for yourself!

It was a great trip all around, but boy was I tired and ready to be home after almost 2 full weeks on the road. 

Now, you may be wondering what happened to the time from June 30-July 2 (or you might not, who knows?!) If you are, you can find that here